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Testing API endpoints using postman Training

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Testing API endpoints using postman Training

At QExG, Testing API training is supervised and managed by industrial experts having more than 7 years of experience in handling the related projects.


The key aspects of a well-designed and functioning API are testing reproducible results and well-defined functional specifications. It is easy to write a fancy API that manages everything that you can throw. It takes a count of hours to manually testing API and verifies that it works perfectly. Release the code and make a few updates. Now, we have a better way to test API. 

Simply put, the postman is an API client that is widely used to develop, share, test, and document APIs. This tool is used for backend testing where there is a need to enter the endpoint URL, then the server receives the request and gets back the response from the server. There is no need to build a framework to fetch the response from the server, and this is the highlighted reason due to which most of the developers and engineers is using the postman to make sure that the service is running alongside the build version of an API That is being deployed across the region.

Postman creates the request according to the API’s specifications that is necessarily helpful in striking the API endpoints. Also, it cut up several response parameters such as the status code, the actual response body, and headers.

Postman proffers some advanced level of features as mentioned below:
  • API development
  • Establishment of endpoints for APIs that are under-development
  • Documentation of API
  • Integration with some CI-CD tools such as Jenkins.
  • Automating API tests execution

What you will learn

With Quality Experts Group (QExG), you will learn the testing API endpoint services with the postman in the most advanced manner with our best training approaches. Along with this, you will get all the updated courses with all the latest techniques for performing software testing.

Who should join Functional testing training?

Our team welcomes everyone without any restrictions and limitations, who want to become a software tester and learn to grow. It can include:

  • Any fresher software developer with basic computer knowledge
  • Any professional looking to enhance skills
  • Software engineers or analyst
  • Anyone want to explore and learn the software testing procedures 

You can join for the free demo sessions with us, which will let you know what we intend to offer at the course and all this at a convincing course fee.